Areyou ready to achieve unprecedented results in your business?


Walk Away with 4 Weeks of Content DONE with Expert-Guided AI-Powered Content Creation

You’re going to learn a LOT during AI Edge and that’s the first step to utilizing AI to its full capacity… but what happens after the learning? Will you have time to implement when you go home?

Get 4 weeks worth of content done in just 3 hours when you join us for the Checked Off VIP half-day.

What: An intimate VIP Half-Day experience, modeling what you’ve learned, giving you time to implement, and even providing 1:1 and small group feedback so that this one-time investment turns into a rinse-and-repeat ROI

When: Beginning immediately after AI Edge concludes.

Where: At an exclusive location near the AI Edge training center!

How: First, we’ll start with your social media strategy. Next, we’ll take the ideas we came up with for your blog post and more and start writing them together.

The best part?

If you get stuck, you have three AI experts to help you right away.

Why Go VIP? It’s a Journey Inward and Outward:

Rediscover Your Time:

Rinse and repeat the process we’ll teach you just a few times a year and you’ll have all your content done – for the whole year!

Get More Visible:

Expand your reach, influence, and income with easy-to-create posts that get you more visibility and actually sound like you, too.

Cultivate Inner Peace:

In the digital frenzy, find your oasis of calm. By creating content using this workflow, you’ll get out of the hustle-and-grind when it comes to social media and other content creation.

1:1 Attention and Completed Content

A 3-Hour Group Session:

We’ll model the process, give you time to implement, and then review and give you feedback.

Personalized Prompts:

Not getting the results you want with certain prompts you’ve tried? We’ll suggest alternatives so you’re not wasting time with sub-par results

Limited Seats:

This intimate event is small for a reason. With the VIP upgrade, you’ll get 1:1 and small group feedback on your prompts, content, and more.

Your Investment for this VIP Experience:

For only $227, you’ll get to join this exclusive, intimate group at the VIP gathering, putting into immediate action everything you just learned, and going home with tangible results… saving you tons of time, so you can kick your feet up when you get home 😉