There are so many allusions to living our lives intentionally, but I don’t feel like we take those references as seriously as we should. Things like “life is short" or “you only get one life so make the most of it!” These things are so blatantly obvious that we dismiss them as cliché, even though we know they have merit.

I feel like my life has occurred in such a way to have brought me to a climactic point where I realized that life is not only meant to be lived -- even lived to the fullest -- it is meant to be lived intentionally. I know 100% beyond a shadow of a doubt that no matter how hard I tried in my life, I was not living my life INTENTIONALLY until I had the epiphany -- that moment of clarity. And while there is absolutely no use in wishing things had been done differently -- because the past is the past -- in that moment I KNEW that going forward my life had to be lived with pure, unwavering intent and purpose.

I have to say there there are times when a thought crosses my mind in my “new life” where I wonder, What would it been like if I had been so enlightened at this particular stage in my life? But living intentionally means being honest with yourself - and so I counter that thought with this one: In X number of years, I’ll look back and thank God, the universe, every single person who impacted my journey, and myself for becoming aware at the exact time that I did - in my own time.

When we make the decision to live our lives intentionally, we are shifting to live a life where our desires, needs, and goals are clear. This clarity automatically brings us closer to achieving these goals by solidifying them in our minds, and helps us to envision the path to those goals. By making this commitment to live our lives with intention, you have already begun the path to living intentionally. Congratulations!

Living with intent is the difference between letting life happen to you, or choosing what happens. If you're not living life intentionally, it doesn't mean you're lazy or indifferent to what transpires in life; but it does mean you are in a passive role, one where you feel like you are constantly dodging things left and right. In contrast, living your life intentionally allows you to feel empowered to take the reins of your own life, determine what you want your world to look like, and to do what it takes to transform your present to a life of your own design.

I always say that I don’t want to settle for bare minimum or have a stagnant life, and I believe that living a passive life is both of those things. We need to let go of the excuses, shed the victim mentality, and take ownership for where you are and where you’re going. What better time is there than now?

The path to intentional living requires hard work to achieve an unprecedented standard of self-awareness. You'll need to get in touch with your absolute most authentic self to ensure that your journey will do you the justice you deserve.

Living intentionally also requires that you are entirely honest with yourself, in order to bring about a new level of clarity. Honest with how your life has brought you to where you are right now. Honest with your passions and desires, clear on what absolutely lights your soul up and what doesn't. Honesty on what you want from life and what will get you there.

Living intentionally involves making bits of progress every day, whether it’s learning something, completing something on your checklist, finessing your plan of action, or really any accomplishment…. Sometimes the smallest thing can make the most significant impact, and it’s incredible when you're living intentionally how aware you become of how these accomplishments make you feel.

The Fempowered experience aims to help you do the work that will assist you on this path. The worksheet for this week will allow you to check in with yourself to see where you feel you are in terms of living intentionally. Later, we will be exploring specific ways to make changes to shift to an intentional life that you design for yourself.

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