If you are HUNGRY for as much power-packed AI magic as possible, we have two options for how you can take your experience to the next level.

We are hosting a HUGE 3-day event in November called AImpact 2023 with over 40 SPEAKER SESSIONS, more incredible networking opportunities, AI tool exhibitor virtual booths, and an unprecedented AI crowdstorming event where we will have several breakout sessions of teams utilizing AI to solve real-world problems together. You will get to be a part of a revolutionary, life-changing experience and meet so many incredible people.

The tickets are $299, but you can purchase a discounted ticket for $239 with the promo code TRAILBLAZER and you will receive a FREE bonus of the entire Trailblazing with AI Bundle, which includes ALL Trailblazing with AI sessions, PLUS the replays of The AI Advantage 1.0, 2.0 and 3.0 — 50 exclusive AI sessions and gifts worth over $400 FREE to you just for joining us at our revolutionary AImpact 2023 premier virtual conference!

If you don’t want to attend AImpact 2023 in November, you can still purchase the Trailblazing with AI bundle here for just $97! (But we would LOVE to see you with us at AImpact 😉 )

Take a look at the INCREDIBLE speakers who are featured in the Trailblazing with AI Bundle!

Sharon Kinnier

Stu McLaren

Paul Kan

Sadie Smiley

Karen C Carey

Jeni Hott

Cheri Cobb

Larry Roberts

Kacy and Cameron

Brittany Long

Angela Lauria

Amy Wees

Joshua B. Lee

Amy Yamada

Sadie + Sharon

Marie-Louise O’Neill

Josh Rosenberg

Ronsley Vaz

Jeni Hott

Jonathan Schlossberg

Laura Betterly

Andy O’Bryan

Brittany Long

Ronnie Tsunami

Jon Weberg

Sharon Kinnier

Nancy Juetten

Melanie Warner

Denise Wakeman

Jennifer Smith

Depesh Mandalia

MaAnna Stephenson

Hailey Wilson

Molly Mahoney

Steve Eriksen

Paul Kan

Johann Nogueira

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